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May 2, 2014
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For many providers Lean Six Sigma simply means a program includes “lean” principles in the Six Sigma Curriculum. We realize that many Six Sigma Black Belt and Six Sigma Green Belt programs are technically “Lean” Six Sigma Programs (although they do not include “Lean” in the name). In such instances, there is no need to submit an additional program accreditation request. This is already taken into consideration when a training provider is reviewed.

Each course offering should also meet the minimum Body of Knowledge in regards to content covered. Although training providers are encouraged to expand onto the existing Body of Knowledge, it is important that the minimum hours stated above are devoted strictly to the Body of Knowledge. Any extra subject areas would require that the “minimum student contact hours” are increased accordingly to accommodate the additional material.

Course Structure

Council of Six Sigma Certification (S.S.C.) Accreditation is available for classroom based training, classroom based certification, online “distance-learning” based training, online “distance-learning” based certification, “blended” training, “blended” certification, and internal “in-house” corporate training and certification programs provided strictly to employees.

Training providers are required to:

- Offer instructor support for direct questions in relation to the complete Body of Knowledge for the student’s respective program.

- Green Belt students should have access to, at minimum, a Black Belt Certified instructor.

- Black Belt students should have access to a Master Black Belt Certified instructor.

- Master Black Belt candidates should have access to a Master Black Belt Certified instructor that meets a minimum Master Black Belt experience and meeting minimum project exposure requirements.

Due to the wide variation of experience vs. exposure, Master Black Belt instructor acceptability is determined on a case-by-case basis.

- Provide Green and Black Belt level students with access to advanced statistical software (including basic tutorials for six sigma computations)

Why Lean 6 Sigma certification?
Why Lean 6 Sigma certification?
What Is Six Sigma?
What Is Six Sigma?
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training in England and Switzerland
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training in England and Switzerland
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